About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Tyler Sweet and I’m an avid outdoorsman from upstate New York. I have a passion for all things wild, from chasing whitetail bucks in the farm fields, to turkeys in the timber, to ducks in the swamps; but my true love is pursuing anything that swims beneath the water surface.

From the time I learned to walk, I would be found with a fishing pole in my hand. My fishing career began like most; collecting worms from the garden, hooking them beneath a bobber, and waiting for the bluegill to bite. I evolved to Panther Martins and Mepps spinners for trout. From there I expanded to Rapalas and Mister Twister grubs for bass.

The days of sitting on the creek shore drowning worms are long gone. Now I’m a tournament angler. I roam the country chasing trophy largemouth and smallmouth from my Hobie Outback kayak. From New Hampshire to Wisconsin and down to Louisiana, I travel with a love of competing and a love of big bass! But I do more than just tournament fish. I will chase walleye, laketrout, northern pike, and even the elusive musky. If it swims, I want to try to catch it.

Three months out of the year here, it’s a little tricky to put a boat in most of our lakes. That’s because they tend to be frozen solid! But not even -30° wind chill will keep me from trying to catch a fish. I’ll put away the kayak, put away the heavy casting gear, and put away the bug spray in exchange for short poles, ice augers, and winter coats.

I have a pure love of fishing in all its forms and this page is dedicated to all aspects of fishing. You will see posts about my tournament experiences, my days on the water for leisure, experiments in new techniques, the fishing lifestyle, and maybe even a recipe or two. I hope you enjoy this insight into my life and the life of a dedicated fisherman.